Welcome to Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Committe (FBRSC). The FBRSC is an organization formed to manage the shellfish resources of Frenchman Bay, to educate harvesters and consumers, and create a viable industry. 

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month  at the Lamoine Town Hall, 606 Douglas Hwy, Lamoine, ME  04605.

Note: This website is to show projects and activities for the Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Committee. For all information related to the regional ordinance, including the most recent ordinance, maps, and licensing information, visit the City of Ellsworth website.

Seeding Clams

Seeding Clams

Our mission: The seven towns in the ordinance will act collaboratively as stewards to preserve, protect, manage and enhance the shellfish resources and ecological well being of the Greater Frenchman’s Bay Region and to insure a sustainable harvest of shellfish and opportunity for those who make their living on the tide.

Seeding Clams

Seeding Clams

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